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    A programme with a clear time frame for universal elementary education.

    A response to the demand for quality basic education all over the country.

    An opportunity for promoting social justice through basic education.

    An effort at effectively involving the Panchayat Raj Institutions, School Management Committees, Village and Urban Slum level Education Committees, Parents' Teachers' Associations, Mother Teacher Associations, Tribal Autonomous Councils and other grass root level structures in the management of elementary schools.

    An expression of political will for universal elementary education across the country.  

    A partnership between the Central, State and the local government.

    An opportunity for States to develop their own vision of elementary education.


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KGBV PGTs Eligible,Not-Eligible List & Selected list for Demo classes

24/07/2019 21:21
Press Note - Date, Time - Venue to attend for DEMO Classes.pdf (263 kB) List of General Courses Candidates Called for DEMO Classes.pdf (598,5 kB) List of Vocational Courses Candidates Called for DEMO Classes.pdf (336,4 kB) Eligible Applications Received for PGTs - 2019.pdf (1,9 MB) Rejected or...

Website launched

02/08/2011 14:23
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